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Economic Analysis

The world of economics is in a constant state of flux and has shifted from an essentially US-based focus to Asia's point of convergence. After many years of driving economic growth, the pull of global wealth has shifted and is now largely concenrated in this region, and we analyse its structural success.

Australia shares gain following assurances from China's central bank

Australian shares recovered from two days of losses to rise 0.6 per cent after China's central bank said there was no basis for further depreciation in the yuan, sending banks and gold stocks higher. The PBOC said that the country's strong economic environment, sustained trade surplus, sound fiscal position and deep foreign exchange reserves provide "strong support" to the exchange rate.
  • August 13, 2015
  • By Jonathan Brooks

Japan pledges $6 billion to Asean nations while China arranges new bank

Japan said it would make around $6 billion available in development aid to Mekong region countries, as China prepares to launch a new institutional lender, which has seen Washington react with neutrality. It is hoped that the five Southeast Asian beneficiary nations all have strong economic growth potential and are promising destinations for Japanese exporters.

Trajectory of trust as South Korea seeks healing of wounds with Japan

Shinz┼Ź Abe, prime minister of Japan, has said he stood by a 1993 statement acknowledging Japanese authorities' involvement in coercing "comfort women", which is still a thorn in the side for the Koreans. This healing of the divisions between the two Asian nations comes at a time when the Asian economic bloc should have a united front to further boost trade and extend its economic expansion.

Three major Asian economies agree to support economic demand

China, Japan and South Korea's central bankers and finance ministers said they were committed to economic policies that would further support demand in the face of moderate global growth. The statement said, "We are committed to continue implementing timely and effective macroeconomic policies in order to help boost demand."