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Existing client companies often come back to us when they or we are considering a potential listing on a public market. In this case we always suggest a similar approach to that of their equity project. The main difference will be that we create a much more detailed offer. This will need to be more extensive because it will form the basis of their prospectus.

At the same time, we will schedule a series of financial and legal milestones, which will become of paramount importance, as the IPO preparations proceed. IPOs are often described as the first taste of real market value. This is because the client's management team will finally know just how highly the general public values the thriving business they have created and grown.

This, of course, is a very exciting prospect but it will have been preceded by many months of long hours and hard work. Of course, we always want offerings to go well so we stay very much involved. We aim to ensure that everyone, owners, established investors and newcomers can all share in the project. In addition this often involves financial gains for senior employees and not least us at Pacific Alliances.